MMS Portals

Waits River Valley School has added a web based Parent Portal that allows parents/guardians access to information regarding their child.  If you decide to use this service, you may access various types of information regarding your child; information such as their Attendance, Homework and Grades. In order for you to access your child's information, you will need to establish a Parent Portal account.  

To Create a Parent Portal Account:

You can create a parent portal account by clicking here: MMS Parent Portal 

1. You will need to know your student's ID Number
2. You will need to spell your name exactly as it appears in the letter that was sent to you 
3. You will need to have provided the school with a valid email address 

The MMS Parent Portal system will send you an email with a new password. Please be sure to check your "spam" or "junk" mail folders, as the emails are sent from an automated account.  

For an PDF guide on how to create an account, please click here

Adding Students to an Existing Parent Portal Account

To add multiple students to your account, you will need the Student ID Number. 
For directions on adding students click here
If you do not have the student's ID Number, or are having difficulty adding your student(s), please see the "For MMS Portals Support" section below:

For MMS Portals Support:  

Please send an email to with:
The subject "MMS Student Portal Request" or "MMS Parent Portal Request"  
The following information: 

1. Student First & Last Name 
2. Grade
3. Date Of Birth 
4. Parent contact phone number
(The above number must be the same number we have on file for your contact information)