Supplemental Education Services

As stated on the Vermont Department of Education's website, the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLBA) requires Title I schools that have not made adequate yearly progress (AYP) for three or more years to offer additional services outside the regular school day for eligible students. These supplemental educational services are designed to increase the academic achievement of students in schools in the third year of improvement, in corrective action, or in restructuring. The services, such as tutoring, are in addition to instruction provided during the school day. Supplemental educational services must be consistent with the content and instruction used by the school and be aligned with Vermont’s Framework of Standards and the Grade Expectations (GEs). 

In late August 2013, the Waits River Valley School was identified by the Vermont Department of Education as a school in need of improvement (Year 3 Corrective Action) based on student performance on state assessments in Math and Reading taken in the fall of 2012. Our school did not make adequate yearly progress (AYP) in Mathematics or Reading. The Orange East Supervisory Union, with guidance from the Vermont Department of Education, will continue to provide technical assistance as we implement our school improvement plan (Year 3 Corrective Action.) Please click here to see WRVS' school improvement plan goals for the 2014-2015 school year. 

Once a Title I school moves into Year 3 Corrective Action, it must, at the beginning of the school year, notify all parents of students enrolled in the school about the availability of SES. Here is a link to the letter that went home with our scholars on September 13, 2013. Additionally, the school must send out a second letter to all parents to give those who did not sign their children up for SES at the beginning of the school year a chance to do so. Here is a link to the letter that went home with our scholars on August 29, 2014. 

The list of Vermont’s Approved Providers of Supplemental Education Services for School Year 2014-2015 can be found here.