Riding the bus is a privilege extended to students at WRVS by the School Board. Students are welcome to ride the buses both to and from school, and may choose to take advantage of this service either on a daily basis or as needed.

For those students riding the bus, the school day is considered to begin at the bus stop or as soon as the student enters the bus and end when the bus discharges the student, except that actions or interactions between a departing student and those still on the bus are within the school’s authority. All regular school rules and expectations are in effect during a student’s time on the bus. The bus driver is the final authority on the bus, and is charged with making all decisions regarding safety, but this authority may be delegated to a bus monitor when one is available. Students are responsible to conduct themselves safely and respectfully, and to obey requests from the driver and/or monitor immediately.

Failure to follow the rules of conduct established for the school in general or the bus specifically will result in disciplinary action against the student committing the violation. Students in violation of behavioral guidelines on the bus are subject to the WRVS School Wide Disciplinary Plan, as well as to specific bus-related consequences which may jeopardize their continued ability to ride the bus.

Because we have two traditional levels (elementary and middle) within the school, we treat older and younger students with the same principles but not necessarily identical procedures. We expect to involve parents in maintaining appropriate behavior in all aspects of the school, and to handle all disciplinary matters in a fair and consistent manner. The following rules of behavior will apply to all students, but infractions may be treated somewhat differently depending on the age of the student.