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School Bus Rider's Responsibilities

Bus Rules

  • Students riding the bus are expected to be on time at designated bus stops, as schedules will not allow for waiting for late students.
  • Students are expected to get on and off at their regular stops. Parents must provide advance written permission for students to be left off at any stop other than their regular destination. The school secretary will then provide a bus note to the bus driver.
  • Students must be seated when the bus is in motion, and are expected to stay in their assigned seats unless given specific permission to move by the bus driver or monitor. The aisles must remain clear at all times, and book bags or backpacks must be held on the student’s lap.
  • Students may talk in a conversational tone, so long as they are respecting other people. Loud talking, yelling, improper language, physical or verbal abuse of others, and disobeying or disrespecting the driver are not permitted.
  • Eating or drinking on the bus is not permitted. This includes any beverage including water, food, candy, gum, cough drops, or any other consumable substances. It also includes any non-food substance being held or chewed in the mouth, in order to prevent accidental choking.
  • Students are to enter and leave by the front door only. The rear door is to be used only in emergencies.
  • Students wishing to bring large or unusual items on the bus must obtain permission of the driver in advance. 

Violation of any of the above, or any other actions deemed inappropriate or dangerous, will be reported to the school administration for disciplinary action.