School Bus Discipline Procedures

In general, students who have violated the bus rules are subject to immediate disciplinary actions at the discretion of the school administration, as well as being referred to the WRVS behavior system for further action. When a violation occurs, the driver or monitor will complete a “Bus Misconduct Report” and the student will be immediately referred to the office for action. The administrator will contact the parent by telephone if possible and follow up with a written notification indicating the infraction and consequence. The consequences are described below.

First Report: Contact parent, conference with student, warning issued to student that continued violations will result in loss of bus privileges.

Second Report: Parent conference with student, loss of bus privileges for up to one week (five days).

Third Report: Parent conference with student, loss of bus privileges for the school year.

NOTE: In the case of extreme circumstances or behaviors (as determined by the school administration) consequences may be moved to a higher level immediately. Bus privileges may be contingent on in-school behaviors.

If a student is not able to meet the behavioral expectations established for the buses at WRVS and has continued violations of the rules, the student may lose the privilege of riding the bus for the remainder of the year or permanently. To prevent this from occurring, bus behavior plans may be established for individual students as needed by the student’s educational team. The student and parent(s) will be invited to participate in the creation of such a plan.